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The Ultimate Guide to Fighting the Signs of Skin Aging

This guest article is originally posted at provenskincare.comThe Dreaded Skin Aging. It happens to All of Us!We age. So does our skin. Yes, skin ages. Causes run the gamut from dehydration, gravity, stress, sun damage, diet, smoking, excessive alcohol, genetics and the list goes on. The sooner we start caring for our skin with a daily (and nightly!) beauty routine, staying out of the sun, monitoring our diet and making our skin a priority, the longer we keep it healthier and
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Why You Should Be Using A Night Cream

This guest article is originally posted on Proven Skincare.If you have a skincare routine or just subscribe to the basics of skincare, you’ve probably tried a night cream—maybe you even use it every night (good for you!). But have you ever wondered why your skin might require a different moisturizer at night versus during a daily moisturizer? Is it some kind of marketing ploy, or is there any truth to the notion that your skin prefers one kind of cream at
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