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Top 10 Things You Must Do in Okinawa

Okinawa - Experience Asia's very own HawaiiOkinawa means “rope in the open sea”, a fairly apt description of this long stretch of islands (>150 islands) in the East China Sea between Japan and Taiwan, with total land area of 2,271km2. An island surrounded by beautiful ocean. It's known for its tropical climate, broad beaches and coral reefs, as well as World War II sites. Okinawa is a prominent Japanese resort area, blessed with a warm climate throughout the year. There
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The Absolute Beginner Guide To Own The Basic Makeup Tools

Basic Makeup Tools for Every Skill LevelWhat makeup tools should you have? Although sometimes it is good to use your fingertips to blend makeup products into your face as this gives you a better feel of their textures, however, brushes, sponges, puffs and other makeup tools are necessary to help you do a better job. A small pair of scissors, tweezers and eyelash curlers are also some basic grooming items that every woman should have.Makeup BrushesBrushes are essential makeup tools.
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Stop Toxifying Your Skin

Are you covering your skin with toxins? Have you ever checked the ingredients of your skincare and cosmetic products?Do you know that the chemicals in most skincare and cosmetic products may be toxic enough to actually accelerate the aging process, which is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish with your skincare. Even in these days of increased regulation and consumer watchdog groups, there are a number of new products introduced each year that still contain damaging chemicals! Bear in
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